I now a Board of Director for the Children’s Music Network, and presented my music at their 2019 Conference in Phoenix, AZ!


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“My son with Autism has been studying bass guitar with Dave Meyers, and he looks forward to every lesson! Playing and practicing has become an activity he performs happily and voluntarily. Warm and supportive, Dave is good at meeting my son where he is at and setting him up for success. Having a special needs child with language and attention difficulties, my son requires a little more patience and Dave is kind, yet firm. He customizes each lesson not only on the basics of how an instrument works and on music theory, but on what interests my son. This helps him maintain focus. He imparts enthusiasm and fun, and puts the “play” into playing an instrument.” Jen C.

My 9 year old daughter with Autism has been taking music with “Music Man Dave” as she calls him, for about 2 months. The very first lesson he was able to get her to play the guitar and even some piano. Dave keeps my daughter focused and attentive with his fun and sometimes silly songs which she even helps him to create. He is able to motivate and keep her interested by changing things up with a wide variety of instruments.  Dave is very patient and seems to know when he can push her for more, and when she has had enough.  During their lessons I notice increased eye contact, joint attention, active participation and creativity.  Sandi

“Dave was always attentive to my son’s interests and skill level. He worked with my son at his level, with encouragement and joy. For me, it was always a true pleasure to watch Dave work with a group of students of varying skills, drawing out their best and having them create fun and beautiful music together. Always with a smile! Everyone contributes what they can, and Dave is quick to see what each student has to offer.”  – M. Housen

“I met Dave Meyers several years ago when my son wanted to learn how to play guitar.  Dave’s passion for playing and teaching was inspirational.  He would make the classes fun while providing enough of a challenge to keep the students wanting more. My son did so well in his first few classes, his progress encouraged his younger sister to sign up for Dave’s classes as well.  Thanks Dave, both children are still playing guitar!” Margaret W.

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