THE 2022 ROCKONSHOW Highlghts!!!     

YOUTUBE CHANNEL LINK – over 30 videos of Original Music  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuYKYUYxV_lxKkZ3pb-rAmw

ROCKIN’ IN THE GARAGE – 2021 – Awesome footage from my awesome garage rockers!

LOLO HI – My first easy play “Accessible Music” song created. All you need to do is play the Low and High pitched guitar strings. From the 2021 CHILDREN’S MUSIC NETWORK INTERNATIONAL (virtual) CONFERENCE.   

3 year ANNIVERSARY of the 1st RockonShow April 2018. ROCKonSHOW highlights. Five students ages 6 -14 show off their talent.

2020 SUMMER ROCK MUSIC FESTIVAL. All Inclusive show in my garage. Limited this year due to Covid. Back in full force in 2021. ENJOY!

May 2019. RockonShow highlights. 11 students ages 7 – 23 Really Rock It!

April 2018. ROCKonSHOW – LoLo Hi

Video 1. June 2016. Eric, after approximately three months of music lessons.

Video 2.  April 2017. Eric, Plays Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Drums and Bass.

Video 3. January 2018. Eric has learned to improvise on piano. You Rock!