Fun and funky rhythms that teach you

how to play guitar!


LO LO HI – The original rap you so you can rock out on the first day using the low and high sounding guitar strings! Puppies love it too! 

BE MY FRIEND – A rock n’ roll song about playing together. Open strings with a one finger lead guitar.

I GOTTA GO – Did you ever have that feeling? This blues song can be played open, with one finger or for practicing chords. Just try to finish playing before you need to go.

WHAT TO DO (Play Guitar) – How would kids survive in a boring unplugged world. Oh yeah, the can play their guitars and sing Wo oh oh La La!                                                    You only need one finger to play.  

PERFECT PET – Beginner song with open string written by my class after a student told about her special pet. A hint, listen for the ‘Oink Oink’.  

5-6-7 – A simple pattern and harmony the strengthens fingers and improves coordination

HUH! HAH! – Beginning bass players get funky. Hey, anybody can sing it!

aRT jAMs – music AND art together, what a pair.