SING HELLO –My top viewed post of Facebook. Why say “hello” when you can sing “HELLO”?

DRUM 1-2-3 – Live from “Grandma’s Place” with Vall and Silly Goose. June 5, 2021 

LO LO HI – The original rap you so you can rock out on the first day using the low and high sounding guitar strings! Puppies love it too! 

5.6.7 – Work those fingers with this pattern played in multiple positions. Starts on 5,6,7th frets, moves up to 9th fret for harmony. It has a bass line and rhythm too!

The Doorbell Song – Live from the 2019 Children’s Music Network Conference, in Phoenix, AZ. Please let me get some sleep…..

Back to school, How do you make a friend, Let’s watch, Be My Friend.

HUH…HAH... – Check out the New/Old Video remixed from the 1980’s. Easy to play and sing. Gorillas on skis? No way!

Two Arms – I have two of many things. But there is only One me.