ROCK THE NIGHT AWAY – Have you ever dreamed of being in a rock band. This song can take you there. It uses four Open Strings  E  G  D  A for guitar or bass. Add in a responsive, central beat, basic chords and a tambourine and we can Rock All Night. 

LO LO HI – The original rap you so you can rock out on the first day using the low and high sounding guitar strings! Puppies love it too! 

Back to school, How do you make a friend, Let’s watch, Be My Friend.


SHARK!…Bum Bom….BumBom……BumBomBumBombumbombumbom……..oh no!



Do you Like Pie? I Like Pie.  BOOM! A fun ‘open string’ guitar song. Don’t try this at home.


I Like Pie Song sheet – ILikePie

THE SCHOOL BLUES – Begin the journey into basic blues music with this easy play, open string song, sung by Myloid the Alien!

5.6.7 – Work those fingers with this pattern played in multiple positions. Starts on 5,6,7th frets, moves up to 9th fret for harmony. It has a bass line and rhythm too!

HUH…HAH… – Check out the New/Old Video remixed from the 1980’s. Easy to play and sing. Gorillas on skis? No way!


How do YOU Laugh? No matter how you do it, you can laugh along with this song.