What is RockonMusicSchool about?

Its about the CHILD! Giving them an Understanding, an Outlet and a Skill.

Its about the MUSIC! Using it to Build Confidence, Interact,  Focus Attention and Think Creatively.  These goals are part of my lesson plans each week.

Its about SONGS! Songs have Structure yet Flexibility. They have a Time to begin and end. They cause us to Sing out and Respond to others. Make us Laugh or Inspire us.

A RockonMusicSchool lesson typically Lasts 45 minutes. Its designed to begin with easy play music patterns that encourage responses. A typical lesson may use Guitar, Keyboards and Percussion instruments. Your Child will Learn how these Instruments and themselves can create a World of Music. I bring a bag a fun traveling to Your Own Home in Westchester, Putnam or Southern Dutchess County

I am also employed as a Group Music Leader,   SPARC (Special Programs and Resources Connections) of Westchester County, NY. They have been providing recreation programs for children with autism and developmental disabilities for over 25 years.

I have been creating  music guitar teaching method for over 25 years. I have taught hundreds of children, teens and adults in both individual and group settings.  Plus; written over 100 songs, many of which have specific music learning goals built-in.

I consider the ability to use music to enhance the lives of youth and those with disabilities my greatest accomplishment.   David Meyers

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